The wine list

The wine list

The Restaurant Panoramico  is located on Orta Lake, a territory strongly linked to the production of excellent wines.
Our wine list favors local km 0 products, and we rely on local companies in order to be able to offer the best Piedmontese labels but not only.

For more information please consult the wine sheets or the manufacturing companies directly on our archive or by clicking on the name of the wine (where available).

Wine Datasheet
Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 201815,00€
Barbera Monferrato DOC 201815,00€
Barbera d’Asti DOCG 201816,00€
Bonarda Santo Stefano 201814,00€
Chianti DOC20,00€
Gattinara DOCG Monsecco 201540,00€
Ghemme Monsecco DOP 201340,00€
Ghemme DOCG Zanetta 201232,00€
Grignolino d’Asti DOP 201815,00€
Nebbiolo DOP Pratogrande 201522,00€
Sizzano DOP Zanetta 2013 32,00€
Barbera d’Asti Balengo DOP 201618,00€
Fara DOC Zanetta 201633,00€
Roero Tumlin DOC 201124,00€
Rosso della Casa Bottiglia13,00€
Rosso della Casa 1/2 lt.8,00€
Rosso della Casa 1/4 lt.4,00€
Sauvignon Piemonte DOP20,00€
Pinot Nero Tenute Tonalini DOC16,00€
Chardonnay Ripa Solada14,00€
Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG 20,00€
Roero Arnais Viglione DOCG 19,00€
Rivogaio Zanetta22,00€
Pinot Bianco Zanetta15,00€
Favorita DOC Langhe 19,00€
Chardonnay Oscò DOC14,00€
Bianco della Casa Bottiglia13,00€
Bianco della Casa 1/2 lt.8,00€
Bianco della Casa 1/4 lt.4,00€
Moscato Spumante15,00€
Brachetto Spumante20,00€
Brut Spumante16,00€


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