La Carte

Our proposal à la Carte

The Restaurant Panoramico will allow you to enjoy a local cuisine based on km 0 products. Our chef is always careful in the selection and processing of raw materials, in order to offer high quality dishes.

Salami platter with black pepper cheese9,00€
Oven cheese with nuts, pear, honey and apple jam8,00€
Raw beef with artichokes and parmesan cheese9,00€
Octopus salad with beans and tomatoes9,00€
Mushrooms sauté9,50€
Crepes with gorgonzola cheese and truffle au gratin9,00€
Main Courses
Risotto with mushrooms (min.2 pers.) (20 minutes)17,00€
Black tagliolini with perch sauce9,50€
Tagliatelle with crayfishes and saffron9,50€
Chicory ravioli9,50€
Potato gnocchi with fondue9,00€
Strangozzi with wild boar sauce9,50€
Second Courses
Beef fillet with balsamic vinegar16,50€
Tournedos with mushrooms and truffle18,00€
Woronof escalopes13,50€
Fillet of perch with butter and sage13,50€
Sliced beef with rocket , nuts and grana14,50€
Baked fillet of bass with potatoes and mushrooms14,00€
Cheese Course7,50€


Fax: +39 0322 370082
Address: Via Frua, 31 28894 Madonna del Sasso, frazione Boleto (Verbania)